Meet your Representatives

The UNDP/UNFPA/UNOPS/UN Women Staff Council objectives are to:

Promote and safeguard the rights, interests, and welfare of UNDP/UNFPA/UNOPS/UN Women staff.
Promote better understanding between the Administration and the Staff, especially in formulating and implementing policies, guidelines, rules, and regulations, affecting staff.
Promote cooperation with UN Common System Staff Associations and Unions on matters governing conditions of service with the United Nations and Specialized Agencies.

Vesna Markovic Dasovic

UNDP Representative

Sonya Thimmaiah

First Vice-Chair

UNWOMEN Representative

Abolade Sobola

Second Vice-Chair

UNFPA Representative

Amsale Admassu

General Secretary
UNDP Representative

Sylvia Hordosch

UNWOMEN Representative

Audrey Hyatt

UNDP Representative

Devika Parbhu

UNDP Representative

Fikerte Assefa

UNDP Representative

Gulzada Bafina

UNWOMEN Representative

Michele Parasmo

UNFPA Representative

Rohan Jones

UNOPS Representative

Urjasi Rudra

UNWOMEN Representative